My name is Jesse Reed and I am a Web developer

I guess you could more accurately call me a creative web developer specialising in front-end technologies. I work with companies small and large on a variety of web projects. Whether you want bootstrap, php or a vue.js single page application, I can build you something bespoke for your project. I am an experienced wordpress developer, skilled in greenock animation and create deliverables for online advertising campaigns such as HTML5 banners. Here are a few of my skills:

  • Front-end development

  • HTML, CSS (and SCSS), JavaScript, Vue.js, jQuery and PHP

  • Bootstrap framework

  • Webshops, Wordpress, Shopify and other CMS platforms

  • Google studio

  • Web animation with CSS and Greensock

  • HTML5 Banners, dynamic banners & AMP

Featured project -

I really enjoyed working with PTL. They are an award winning company and their sustainable products really inspired me during the site build. Working from a great design given to me by Nica Nel, I hard coded the site with bootstrap using php, html, css and javascript. The websites clean code and minimal dependencies give it a good pagespeed and the design looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Featured project -

I built this site from scratch with vue.js using webpack. This is a very inspiring project for me as the problem of plastic pollution is one close to my heart. Vue.js is a great tool for building a blog, which is at the heart of this website. I teamed Vue.js up with BootstrapVue and SCSS, a really great team for building modern single-page applications. A very nice feature of this site is the gnews API I integrated on the news page. It pulls only plastic pollution related articles from news outlets around the globe.


This is a webshop I worked on using WordPress and WooCommerce for a top Juicer manufacturer. I was responsible for the site build and setting up various API integrations to improve user experience for both customer and company. We followed webshop guidelines and achieved certification from Trust Ecommerce Europe and Thuiswinkel Waarborg. If you are interested in having a webshop, but would prefer another cms system such as Shopify, or perhaps something hard coded and more bespoke. Either way, I will be happy to help!

If you have a web project you'd like me to work on, please get in touch!